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Towards deeper intimacy with God

Growing towards deeper intimacy with God Cultivating a hunger and thirst for righteousness Growing towards spiritual maturity

Daily Pursuit

I’m totally undone. It seems on Saturdays or in fact it could be any day of the week virtually we connect with Hungry believers who want more of God. I’m so blessed to be part of this family and virtual community. As we pray via IMO and whatsapp text and you can feel the tangible presence of God take over the place, the atmosphere changes and at times we are left in an awe and wonder of God’s majestic presence. If that isn’t enough you have one of our brothers and sisters cry, “All I want is you”.

This is absolutely deep and very profound because there is a collective of believers who are only satisfied with the authentic presence of God. The have counted the cost and they are totally Abandoned to God do a work in their hearts.

When we have so many other things to distract and to call us. We surrender to the call of God and seek the Grace to die to self and the flesh life, that Christ may live and dwell in and through us.

Lord we pray as a family today, we truly want all of you and we pray that you will remove everything in our lives that would hinder love. Lord do a mighty work in our hearts and minds, keep us eternally minded and keep us hungry and desperate for you presence.

In Jesus mighty name we pray,

Much love in Christ,

Your Sister,

Ruth ❤️
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