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Towards deeper intimacy with God

Growing towards deeper intimacy with God Cultivating a hunger and thirst for righteousness Growing towards spiritual maturity

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Pursuing Together

Are you tired of being shallow in the things of God and desire a deeper intimacy with God? We desire to walk with you in our walk with God.

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Need Spiritual direction?

Spiritual Direction can be confusing words, especially for those who have never heard of the term before. I prefer to use the term Spiritual Accompaniment. As a Spiritual Companion I travel with you at any point in your life journey, as we discern God’s movement and direction for your life.

Here you find a quiet, confidential sacred space to explore and encounter the presence of the Holy Spirit. Through Spiritual Direction we are able to perceive the divine route of our life journey. The sessions provide a non judgemental, secure space without demand or expectation, to share the highs and lows of your journey; the doubts, fears, frustrations, burdens, joys, longings and callings. As you share your sacred story, I listen attentively and reflect back where God may be present and active.