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Soul Spaces

Towards deeper intimacy with God

Delivering accredited courses, books, bible studies and devotionals to assist your growth towards deeper intimacy with God, cultivate a hunger and thirst for righteousness and growth towards spiritual maturity.


Soul Spaces are ecumenical days created and delivered by Ruth in Churches, Christian organisations and retreat centres. We have seen an increase of stress and anxiety in everyday life and at times it can become overwhelming. Soul Spaces provide the opportunity to spend quiet time with God, seeking deeper intimacy with Him whilst discovering His plan for your life

During Soul Spaces, silent prayer time will be afforded and personal ministry time will be provided if required. For all mosaic retreats, no practical experience is required and all necessary tools will be provided.

Soul Spaces provide you space to go deeper into God’s presence, so that you may know Him. It is God’s will that we grow in the knowledge of His love and experience it as we grow in an intimate way with Him.

To make a booking for Ruth to lead a quiet day, retreat or to speak in your Church and Christian Organisation follow the link below and fill in your requirements.

Towards Deeper Intimacy with God
This quiet day looks at cultivating a hunger for God, journeying with God in companionship and learning to commune with Him and hear His voice. We look at spiritual formation and how we grow in intimacy with our Creator, allowing Him to transform our lives as we trust and depend on Him. We also have the opportunity to look at areas in our own lives that could hinder a deeper relationship with God.
Practising His Presence
Practising His presence looks at Christian reflection and abiding in God’s presence.This is a quiet day where you learn a variety of ancient styles on drawing closer to God. Topics will include Solitude, Stillness, Silence, Space, Time, Creativity, Prayer of the heart. Reflecting on God, Creation and Scripture.
Listening to God
Today, prayer means communicating with God. However, we don’t always listen to God and are often confused or bewildered by what He is saying to us. As children of God, He wants us to have a two way relationship with Him, so that we may hear His voice and follow is leading. This quiet day will teach you how to hear His voice and learn the different ways in which He communicates
Praying the Scriptures
Praying the Scriptures is a quiet day that allows us to commune with God using His word as a basis for the conversation. The course will look at several ancient methods which will include pondering scripture and praying it back to God also include creatively entering the narrative.
Writing from the Heart
‘Writing from the Heart’ is a practical quiet day where participants learn the skills of listening and hearing from God through the artistic tool of writing and journaling.During the day we will explore various ways that empower us to write from the heart of God.
Without Words
Without Words is a quiet day focused on resting in God. It is based on the scripture ‘Be Still and Know I am God’, it is an intimate time when we draw away from the hustle of everyday life and spend a day focused on meditating on scripture in silent private reflection and stillness. The day begins with group prayer and scripture reading followed by periods of solitude and silence.


Breaking Free is a Christian creative retreat, encouraging people to connect with God in a creative way, whilst opening the doors to personal freedom.
Broken Pieces
‘Broken Pieces’ is a creative quiet day, It has been produced as a foundation for our ‘Turning Broken Pieces into Treasures’ programme as set out below. Participants will be introduced to Mosaic Art, whilst incorporating prayer and listening to God.
Turning Broken Pieces into Treasures
‘Turning Broken Pieces into Treasures’ builds on the experience of our ‘Broken Pieces’ quiet day, taking each participant to a place where they can identify areas of inner struggle through the creative art process. Participants will be able to gain further skills in the making of mosaics and using the process as a path to finding a deeper sense of God over 3 days. Areas being explored include brokenness, personal hurts, insignificance, rejection, forgiveness and our personal journey with God.
Breaking Free
‘Breaking Free’ retreat parallels with our ‘Turning Broken Pieces into Treasures’ but the creation of mosaics is replaced with the formulation of an individual personal art or written journal.


Life has a way of knocking us to the ground when we are at our lowest. Many women smile on the outside whilst crying on the inside. Participants will be inspired by others who have encountered life-threatening ‘storms’ but despite it all have gained the strength to overcome heartache, broken dreams and self-doubt.
Encounter is a 3-day retreat for women who want to encounter God, revive their lives and fulfil their God-given potential while enjoying a time of relaxation and retreat in the presence of God. Why not join us for inspirational worship, God-filled testimonies and a life-changing journey in the beautiful setting of Lifehouse, where you’ll be equipped, empowered, encouraged, encountering God and birthing your dreams.