Pursuing holiness

Pursuing holiness

Towards deeper intimacy with God

Delivering accredited courses, books, bible studies and devotionals to assist your growth towards deeper intimacy with God, cultivate a hunger and thirst for righteousness and growth towards spiritual maturity.

Unceasing Prayer

We are a community committed to prayer, fasting, pursuing christlikeness and intimacy with God, living abandoned to Christ, putting Him first above all things, and spiritually equipping ourselves for eternity while impacting local communities with the love of Christ.


Join us daily praying in the Spirit and meditating on the word.

12midnight to 6am

in person or on ZOOM

Pursuing holiness goes against societal norms, but we embrace this challenge wholeheartedly!

Unceasing Prayer Outline

We are in very dark days spiritually that requires saints to be tenuous and committed to keep their hearts alive and vibrant. With an increasing moral decline and rewriting of scripture for Christians to be discerning and to even live in obedience to the word of God we need a greater measure of His presence and his grace.

Without which we have the neutralising of our faith as society aggressively fights against the heavenly mandate of godly living. Often Prayer and communion is put to the back seat while we pursue life or even “the work” of ministry. But the truth is prayer is the work.

Times between 12midnight to 8am 7 days a week

Praying in the spirit/tongues, meditating on the word or worshipping at the same time.

People are able to join during the above times, feel free to fill up the form below and someone will be in contact with you for you to be signed up to the Unceasing Prayer Zoom meeting. For our in person meetings check our events page.

Pursuing holiness isn’t what we do, but who we become.




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