Pursuing holiness

The Greatness Foundation

Inspiring transformation in young minds

We are raising a generation of young people who will become the difference in every sphere of influence, shaping and influencing their communities with kingdom values.


Beyond “making a difference”, we are BECOMING the DIFFERENCE!

We have

  • impacted over 3,000 teenagers in South West, Nigeria
  • inspired over 300 young leaders and volunteers
  • initiated over 15 development projects that have helped the education of secondary school students and the personal development of undergraduates
  • Our vision:

    A society where young people discover, develop and deploy their innate potential and leadership capacities, becoming the difference in their communities.

  • Our mission

    To inspire greatness and transformation in young minds through the gospel, leadership education and capacity development


Our unique model focuses on Discovering, Developing and Deploying young people as agents of light and change for the transformation of our society.

No society can be greater than the state of mind of her youths. For any society to progress and prosper in all ways, there should be initiatives to sharpen and shape the mindsets of the youths to conceive and birth viable ideas and needed strategies that can drive the society forward.The rottenness, that has eaten deep into the value system and leadership at all levels, threatens the possibility for our society to attain greatness again. The balm for healing lies in the transformation of our minds, and the consequent influence on others.

At The Greatness Foundation, we are inspiring greatness and transformation in young minds through the gospel, leadership education and capacity development. We believe that the transformation of the mind comes after the salvation of the soul, and we achieve this by modelling the values of God’s kingdom and teaching others through our lives and our programs.


Academic Intervention Program

This initiative focuses on academic support for students who need tuition, tutorial and school resources like books, textbooks, school bags, and sandals.

Teens Development Initiative

This initiative has three wings, Teens ‘n’ Twenties Community, Teens Learn Leadership and Young Champions Boot Camp.

Youths Development Initiative

This initiative has two wings: The Great Minds and Leadership Incubation Program.

Our Team

We are a team of young and passionate leaders, who are committed to becoming the difference in their various fields of endeavours. We have a strong passion to see the younger generation know God and develop the values that make them different from the world.