Pursuing holiness


Towards deeper intimacy with God

Delivering accredited courses, books, bible studies and devotionals to assist your growth towards deeper intimacy with God, cultivate a hunger and thirst for righteousness and growth towards spiritual maturity.

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Saturday, 12th August, 2023
Beauties Conference 2023
Theme: Virtuous
The Beauties Conference, hosted by Beauties Network Ministry, is a platform to educate, equip and empower ladies to become role models through their lives, character and voices.
Location: Beauties Conference 2023, Nigeria
Saturday, 10th February, 2024
Leadership Retreat 2024
Theme: Model and Multiply
Leadership Retreat, hosted by the Greatness Foundation, is an incubation platform for young leaders to learn and grow to become leaders with a difference.
Location: Leadership Retreat 2024, Nigeria
March 7-9, 2024
Wesleyan Holiness Women Clergy
Spiritual Formation Track
What are some spiritual practices that connect women Clergy more deeply in their relationship with Christ? How can these practices open up Clergy women to hearing from the Holy Spirit? How does healing and growing one's own spirit impact the prophetic work of the Holy Spirit in the world?
Location: E2024 Conference, Dallas, Texas




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Pursuing holiness goes against societal norms, but we embrace this challenge wholeheartedly!