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Watch And Pray

It’s crazy we all have a series of ups and downs as we journey along the narrow way. We stumble and we fall, when I look at my walk in line with scripture one thing becomes evident, I have often forgotten that Christ reminds us not just to pray but to watch. “Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.” Luke 21:36

That’s why we see ourselves returning to negative thought patterns and behaviours partnering with the enemy instead of being the ambassador of Christ we desire. This plays itself out in so many ways and so many dimensions, nevertheless the pattern is always the same. A thought, an idea, an accusation against another or even about ourselves comes. Theses thoughts remain powerless when they are not fuelled through giving them attention, time and energy.

The more we meditate on the negative thoughts and feelings that have been sent to our hearts and minds the more we give them power and life to possess us. It’s through reflection, meditation, thinking and thinking, going over and over it again in our hearts and minds that it gets planted and takes roots in our hearts.

Lack of Watchfulness

It’s at this point that we lose our confidence in God, others and ourselves. This is why watchfulness is so essential, because as we pray God releases His answers and His grace, nonetheless if we don’t guard our hearts we then become careless through lack of watchfulness and start believing the lies and the counsel of the enemy. If we continue believing and meditating on these thoughts we start to live them out through anger, pride and brokenness. Because unwittingly we have given over our will and strength to another.

When we fail to watch we fail to guard our hearts from the assaults of the enemy. We leave our treasure wide open for all to come in. It’s at this point that we stumble and fall. Vigilance is just as important as prayer. It is important that we watch over our hearts, thoughts and actions to ensure we keep the weeds of sin away. Tending our hearts and minds so only the seed of righteousness can flourish is so essential.

Planting seeds of Righteousness

God is so gracious that he gives us the grace to deliberately and consistently sow seeds of righteousness in just the same way as we sow negative seeds. We ponder on Gods word, and in the same way we do when we worry, through reflection, meditation, thinking and thinking, going over and over it again in our hearts and minds that it gets planted and takes roots in our hearts. When we by Gods grace do this with His word, we become ‘partakers in His nature’.

As we watch we,

Guard our hearts from temptations giving it the freedom to flourish and grow unhindered
We become aware of the schemes and devices the enemy uses as a snare
We learn how to be victorious as we gain experience
As as we pray,

We access the Graces of God
We grow in intimacy and knowledge of God
We are transformed into His image
Lord, I pray that today as we journey on this life that you teach us not only to pray but to watch and guard our hearts. I pray that you teach us to police our minds and thoughts and help us to keep focus on your glory and grace unceasingly throughout our day as we press into your promise for our lifes, our city and our nation.

In Jesus mighty name we pray,

Much love in Christ,

Your Sister,

Ruth ❤️
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