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Pray For Kenya

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Pray For Kenya

We are joining Bishop Masinde and his fellowship as they pray for Kenya. Do lift up these prayer points today as we seek God’s victory over our communities.

Prayer Points from Bishop Masinde
1. Peaceful election for Kenya
2. Outpouring of the Holy Spirit to the later Church
3. The Church to walk in the knowledge of righteousness and holiness
4. Pray for the Leadership of the Church in Kenya and the rest of the world
5. Pray for revival in the Church
6. Pray for the peace of Israel and that Israel shall be saved
7. Pray for the United kingdom to be saved and the Church will retain its position of leadership
8. Pray for the United States that there shall be revival in the Church of the United States and they may retain their place in the leadership
9. Pray for souls in the Arab Nations and that the Holy spirit shall bring great revival in all Arab Nations
10. Pray for the peace of South Korea and North Korea and that there shall be peace and unification of those two Nation
11. Pray for the needy, poor, orphans, widows, disabled, mentally retarded, the neglected in the society
12. Pray for marriages and that there shall be peace in all marriages and families
13. Pray for single parents both women and men
14. Pray for those who are contemplating suicide and that there shall be deliverance during this prayer session
15. Pray for political leadership across the globe
16. Pray for youth on drugs and that God is making away for them to be delivered
17. Let’s pray that the will of God be done on earth as it is in Heavens
18. Let’s pray that Psalms 5 will be fulfilled in Jesus name and that Gods favor will be upon us all and that he will listen to all our prayers and answer them speedily
19. Let’s pray for the Jabez prayer be fulfilled in our lives in Jesus name
20. Lets pray for these group of prayers that this group may grow to become even more stronger and more effective to bring transformation to the entire globe

In Jesus mighty name we pray,

Much love in Christ,

Your Sister,

Ruth ❤️
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