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Is Christ In You?

Towards deeper intimacy with God

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Is Christ In You?

We are not christians just because we claim to be one, because we have an oral profession of faith, nor by our regular church attendance and neither by our knowledge of the bible. Satan and his followers can do all these things but they hate God and rebel against Him.

The christian life of faith if we genuinely have and possess it, is evidence by a life of obedience and a life consistently seeking and hungering for God’s truth, will and righteousness in our lives. As Jesus says; “we will know them by their fruits”, meaning we know them because we see God’s work in their lives, changing, disciplining and molding them to be Christlike and holy.

Sad to say, many in the who call themselves Christians, are living in carnality, in worldliness, loving this world, in disobedience, in compromise and in sin. There is no holy fear of God, see no evidence of God, nor the work and power of God in sanctification and in holy living in their lives. They love sin and hates God’s truth, rebuke and correction.

They are hearing God’s word but it was not profitable for them because their hearts are hardened by unbelief and self righteousness walking in pride and arrogance.

Honestly, my heart is filled with sadness knowing that many of those who profess to be Christians will soon face God’s judgment and wrath in His coming and will be condemn to suffer in hell throughout eternity. And one red flag sign is they hate the preaching of Jesus soon coming and His coming judgment all they want to hear are words of blessings, prosperity and how they can have their best life now.

There is no conviction of sin nor mourning of sin, in fact they don’t want to be confronted of their sins and hate preaching of sin, righteousness and judgment for it is offensive to them, sadly, they are living in falsehood, lies and self deception.

Much love in Christ,

Your Brother,

Thomas ❤🙏🏽😇
Pursuing Holiness

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